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Ultrasound Technologies
X-ray Technologies
Ultrasound Technologies
Ultrasonic bran blood flow measuring technology
- Single Element ultrasonic brain blood measuring system
- Brain blood speed extraction core algorithm
Implementing the Doppler array system core device
- Manufacturing the system applying the array probe-> 2D sector imaging
- Algorithm automatically detecting the array type brain blood vessel
- Diagramming the multi-gates ultrasonic spectrum
Developing the prove fixing device
- Analyzing the blood flow data monitored
- Quantitative analysis of the data due to the change of the measurement position
- Expansion with the array probe
Developing the brain blood phantom
- Implementing the brain flow simulation modeling phantom
Ultrasonic tissue imaging technology
- Imaging the ultrasonic ossein distribution
- Soft tissue, hard tissue, and grow plate imaging analysis
Developing the S/W imaging the calcaneus and the growth
- Measuring the ulatrasoinc parameter needed for the calcaneus image
- Organizing the 2D image with BUA and SOS
- Imaging the growth plate
Developing the bone mineral density and growth analysis
- Developing the diagnosis algorithm that can reflect the individual anatomic
- Measuring the size and gap of the growth plate through the image analysis
The ultrasonic pulser and receiver board for the ultrasonic
    ossein distribution image